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MGO Panels

MgO Panels in Cohoes, NY

BuildGreenSIPS now offers a ResCom (Magnesium Oxide - MgO) Structural Insulated Panel. ResCom - SIP Panels are revolutionizing the construction industry, and with good reason.

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Provide an affordable and incredibly fast installation system which is easy to use for complete buildings or parts of a structure such as foundations, walls, roofs, and floors.

Simplify and speed up construction that is affordable, highly energy-efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

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SIP Panel in Cohoes, NY


Superior strength (code for areas with severe weather conditions), are fire-proof and have increased water, corrosion, salt, mold, and mildew resistance. MgO panels in Cohoes, NY, are highly recommended for coastal regions and offer a replicable high-tech solution for residential, commercial, and low rise buildings.

Due to MgO’s fire resistance and safety ratings, panels were approved for construction use in the US around 2003. New York and New Jersey were early adopters of MgO board. Florida has approved MgO for its Mold/Mildew resistance. SIPs are hurricane and tornado impact tested and approved in Miami-Dade County.

In Taipei, Taiwan, Magnesium oxide can be found on all 101 stories of Taipei 101, currently the second tallest building in the world. MgO panels were used on the inside and outside of all walls, fireproofing beams, and as the sub-floor sheathing.

MgO Panels in Cohoes, NY Magnesium Oxide Panels in Cohoes, NY

MgO sheathing was the "official" specified construction material of the 2008 World Olympics buildings in Beijing. Computerized Architectural Drawings (CAD) can be converted to necessary codes. Automated cutting machines fabricate SIPs to the specific design of a building.

Technology has streamlined the SIP manufacturing process, with amazing accuracy to deliver flat, straight, and true walls, which bring reliable quality and labor savings to builders. Design capabilities, exceptional strength, lifelong energy savings, and speed of erection make MgO panels a twenty-first-century building material for high-performance buildings.

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